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If you are looking for a branding CONNOISSEUR to revitalise or create your personal brand

Lily Mensah is that branding expert

Work Your Quirks

by Lily Mensah

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  • Why personal branding ?
    Do you need it in your career

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself or become known as a thought leader, you better cultivate your own unique personal brand.

  • What makes you, you ?
    Our differences can be our strengths

    Look at your differences , what makes you stand out from others. turn your differences into your strengths.

  • Everyone can sparkle
    with just a little guidance

    We are all literally made from stardust, the trick is to recognise this fact and show your sparkle.

  • Confidence is the key
    Unlock unlimited potential

    Confidence is the often the key to unlock so many doors in life. You need to bring that confidence out for all to see.

Who is Lily Mensah ?

The branding maven

Having worked for over 15 years with corporate and not-for-profit organisations, from Accra, to London, to Florida’s Space Coast, I’ve learned that being quirky is actually a good thing. This has allowed me to use my entrepreneurial flair for socially conscious initiatives that make a positive contribution to clients and to society. For me, just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be done.

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 What people are already saying

Work your Quirk takes you on a journey of discovering what makes you sparkle, to how to enable others to feel that and consume it. What a great plan to go through, a set of skills that will become part of you for the rest of your life, it will absorb your stress, keep you fired up and help you to get out of bed even when you felt battered and bruised from your day when you got into it.
Penny Power MBE
Founder and CEO The Business Cafe