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If you are a working woman, this book will show you how to make your personal brand stand out and sparkle !

By Lily Mensah

If I had been given a book like this at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey a decade ago, my business would have moved along so much more quickly in terms of the things I wanted to achieve. This book is for those who want to start their businesses, or those who are already in business and want to know how the heck to build a personal brand. As businesswomen, we are firing on all cylinders and the weird and wonderful thing called social media has made it all the more complex. 10 years ago if anyone had said to me that surfing the ‘net and checking my Instagram account would have been stressful, I would have said ‘Shut the front door!’

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The perfect book for the business woman in the digital age.
The official release date is 20th May 2017

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The branding handbook for working women in the digital age


Lily functions on multiple levels, as an entrepreneur, working mother, mentor and friend