What’s your health got to do with your personal brand?

Yeah – In January we flocked to the gym and took up valuable real estate on the elliptical machine often at the extreme annoyance of the regulars.

Some also paid over the odds for gym membership with swimming pool, sauna, personal trainer, fluffy towels etc and come mid-February, we are finding excuses not to go? I get it – it’s the annual ritual. Got to be done. Right?

Well – what if I challenged you to stay the course and if you can do just one day during the week and one day over the weekend, your personal brand will thank you for it?

Why? Because a healthy body contributes to an agile mind, confidence, positive energy and of course a sparkling personal brand. I will raise my hand and say I’m not a health guru but from personal experience and observations, exercise does create better waistlines and may even protect our grey matter. The experts even point to the production of endorphins or even nitric oxide, which help with all manner of things to keep the body and mind in tip-top shape. We don’t all have to be ripped and chiseled, but we can try so here my little nuggets:

Shoes: Swap the budget for the Jimmy Choos or Brogues for a Nike or Adidas or any brand of your choice just for 2017. I got myself a really gaudy pink pair because it was on sale and it looked the part (see video below). Good walking and exercise shoes make your exercise routine more bearable. Go high-end if that’s your natural style so you feel good and can show off to your neighbours in the gym or park.

Apparel: Choose for your size and for comfort. If you are going to get sweaty, it helps to be comfortable. Ignore the perfect bodies out there – exercise for you and nobody else. If you are trying things out such as moving away from dull colours then go florescent because it’s just the gym or the park so you may be forgiven for being a bit loud. And the bonus is that you get a quick confidence boost with brighter colours.

Where: Well – that’s down to you. Your living room or bedroom can be great places to start if you are feeling a bit self-conscious. Gyms can be scary places especially when milling amongst the chiseled, perfect bodies. I go a couple of times a week and my gym doesn’t have fluffy towels nor a swimming pool. I go for the classes and have a personal trainer for when I need a kick up the elbow to get me flying right.

Favourite activities: Why don’t you find the thing that get’s your heart rate going without too much effort. Cycling, power-walking, rambling, Zumba may just be the ticket. My Zumba teacher doesn’t speak English very well and no-one in my class can speak Portuguese but we don’t care as long as she can move and point us in the right direction so that at the end of the class, we are sweaty and feeling great. Find an activity that is effortless but brings a glow to your brow and if a brisk walk is what it takes, start there.

What’s in it for me? I will be trying to keep myself trim this year – just keeping it simple but with some strength training to build muscle mass — I’m told I need it at my age (only 55, mind you). Apparently, it’s no longer about cardio, it’s that little bit more, so here I am, trying to be cool in the gym and failing miserably but at least I’m trying. The bonus is that the twenty-something year old trainer, gets to boss me around and teaches me new tricks. Win-win.

For some, this may be a no brainer, but for me it isn’t always easy and I hope you also find your sweet-spot when it comes to exercise. I could have written this in January but it was a bit crowded with all the excitement that comes with new year and new goals but when I went to the gym this week after a couple of weeks off with some flu-like thing that takes away one’s mojo, I noticed that it was half empty and all the newbies had disappeared. Come back please, newbies – I felt so comfortable with you and it’s never the same without you at the gym! I hope my video will inspire others and honestly, if it wasn’t fun for me, I promise you, wouldn’t bother.

Here is to a healthier 2017 and a sparkling personal brand!


About me: My name is Lily Mensah, author of the upcoming book on personal branding: Work Your QUIRKS. I’m an internationally savvy personal brand connoisseur with a flair for creating professional and endearing presence on paper, in personal and online. As a branding specialist and coach, I work with talented individuals in projecting and articulating what makes them unique so they can stand out from others with similar qualifications and expertise.

As a fire-brand, I host my own radio show called #TeaWithLily where I interview the great and the good on tips and tricks for professional and personal growth.

For further information, email me at lily@lyncsmedia.com

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