Styling hacks for in-person meetings

We can now hug people in the UK, at least for now, but how prepared are we when it comes to dressing up and showing up fully? What of the mini covid-belly pouch a few of us are sporting behind that screen? Perhaps a gentle reminder of the significance of clothes and how they affect our psyche, not to mention our personal brands is well overdue. Coco Chanel couldn’t have said it better:

  “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;

   Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

---Coco Chanel

Why not give ourselves that S.T.A.R treatment, which is to Stop & breathe, Take-stock, Accessorise and Recycle: Below is the lowdown:

  • Stop & breathe: Worrying will not make things better so let’s stop and breathe. We didn’t get here overnight. It has been over 400 days and worrying is not going to shrink that waistline nor make that shirt more generous. We just have to love our perfect imperfections and look ahead to what incremental changes we can make daily, that will get us back to feeling our absolute best;
  • Take stock: Before going shopping for those generous sizes, it pays to take a close look at our wardrobe – literally. Making a date with that wardrobe, forces us to really look at what we have already. We may find some clothes that we haven’t worn in a while but may still fit the new more relaxed look. And whilst there, use that time as an excuse to give-away or throw out those clothes that no longer serve us — remember that leather skirt from 20 years ago? Let. It. Go.
  • Accessorise: We have had so much time indoors, but have we used that time to look at our accessories? Do we need any more handbags? Take another look at that gorgeous top-handle we bought pre-lockdown, just gathering dust with nowhere to go. What about watches? The batteries probably went dead in the first quarter of lockdown anyway, so may well be used as display items to adorn great outfits until we are chasing that train again. That said, carefully adding statement jewellery to our assemble could be what makes us stand out in that very important face-2-face meeting and finally;
  • Recycle: Or shall we say upcycle? This is where we have to become mega fans of wearing our posh clothes every day. Yes, proper dress up. Not just for a night out or that special occasion. Tis the season for dressing up, intentionally — regardless of whether we are on a zoom call or in a face-to-face environment, because when we feel carefully coiffed, we know we can show up and slay the day. No sweat.

With the above styling hacks up our sleeves, getting ready for the next phase should make Monday mornings a breeze.

Here is to a joyous June and to your styling success!

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Lily Naadu Mensah

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