My Ghanian Roots

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Lily Mensah

My Ghanaian roots are extremely important to me, indeed they are what makes me who I am today.

My Ghanaian roots My upbringing in Ghana was very much about the expectation to be the best and whilst it was not eerily competitive, being driven was an expected norm.  I'm also an alumna of a co-educational boarding school system, where one’s survival was very much hinged on rule number one - getting on with people.  You had to get on with the boys and girls from all walks of life on an equal footing.  If you didn’t, your life would be that of abject misery.  In addition, character building experiences such as having my first child at 18 also meant I had to grow up fast, be responsible beyond my year and was seen to have more life experiences by my peers.  They began to seek advice and I often then found myself looking for answers on behalf of others.  Ironic, isn’t it?