5 tips for the busy woman’s summer wardrobe

Summer Solstice means it’s officially summer and we can get the barbecue out, invite friends round for bottomless brunch etc.

That said, we all know that it can be tricky to show up as a professional when the heat is high and you have to remain cool. Fear not, for I’m armed with a few quirky tidings to get us looking fabulous all summer. Here are my 5 top tips:-

1: Light Layers: Get layered up with lots and lots of them because you don’t know when the weather is going to turn, or you have to cover up at short notice for that presentation your client/boss signed you up for but forgot to tell you. Layers can include scarfs, macs, jackets, hats or all of the above;

2: Comfortable Cuts: I cannot say enough for the cut of my clothes more so in the summer as I like to feel free for the impromptu way invites come in or what I decide I want to do in a spontaneous way. It’s something in the air that lends itself to that kind of ‘why not, let’s do it’. If you feel comfortable in your clothes you are more likely to enjoy yourself and this can be achieved in making sure your cut allows you to breathe;

3: Plain vs Print: We can have both, if carefully choreographed but who has time for all that flawless look at short notice? My go-to is to do one or the other. Go bold with block colours or use patterns separately. If you have time to get your wardrobe A-game together, and you are new to mixing, then go bold on the plain and add a touch of the print for effect. Seasoned mixers can always do 50/50 on mixing the plain with pattern for a look that says ‘I’m wearing this dress’!

4: Fluent Fabrics: Linen is often the choice for most during this season and it’s notoriously difficult to get it to behave itself. You only have to lean on something and it creases. That said I love linen and the porous nature of the fabric. Have you tried silk, cotton and other natural fabrics that breathe as you saunter across the room? The key is to get fabrics that breathe for fluency because they move as you move.

5: Fun vs functional: To bare or not to bare was often the question in my day. With this free style look these days, I sometimes hide behind the sofa and refuse to come out until all the jeans with ripped knees go away. That said, I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that it’s a new way of work/life and I have to embrace it. For heaven’s sake I wore shoulder pads and drainpipes (skinny jeans) once so who am I to judge? Just make it effortless whatever you chose and if you have sorted out all of the 4 above you will be fine whether it’s the fun or functional look.

All said and done, summer is here and we should enjoy it regardless of what the ‘dresscode’ says because if we feel comfortable, we are more likely to enjoy the lazy long days not forgetting free vitamin D we get from being in the sun. So go on and get your alfresco self on and have a fabulous time. Always remember, though to pack your sunscreen and be kind to yourself.

Are you or someone you know looking for that effortless ensemble to work those quirks to look chic at work or in business? If so, then come say hello via this link.

About me: My name is Lily Naadu Mensah, author of Work Your QUIRKs: The businesswoman’s companion for a sparkling personal brand, an internationally savvy personal brand connoisseur with a flair for creating professional and endearing presence on paper, in personal and online. As a branding specialist and coach, I work with talented individuals in projecting and articulating what makes them unique so they can stand out from others with similar qualifications and expertise.

You can find out more about me at https://lilymensah.com.

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